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Good content marketing is essential for any business website for reaching and maintaining new users and clients. JRG are marketing copywriters who specialize in well researched content based on your unique products and services.

Why Does My Business Need a Marketing Copywriter?

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As marketing copywriters our job is to create and write online content that will not only increase brand awareness for the client, but will also bring new clients to the table and keep repeat clients engaged. 


Hiring a good content marketing writer can be challenging. It begins with finding a voice that matches the concept and product, and has the specific research and writing skills to effectively create multiple pieces of marketing copy.


At the Jill Reed Group, we have the experience and the skills to build essential partnerships and provide clear and concise SEO focused online content marketing to meet the needs of both growing and established businesses and products. 


We outline the skills below that we bring to each and every project and collaboration. We believe these are key characteristics of any team producing good content marketing.

8 characteristics of a marketing copywriter


1. Be a polished writer. 

Perhaps most important is the ability to write well. Anyone can write using keywords, but a polished writer can take the keywords and make complicated topics simple to understand in a fresh and appealing way with attention to details like grammar, punctuation and word use. This also implies that a good content writer will understand the style indicated by the client and integrate that into the writing.

2. Research-based. 

Having some knowledge or specializing in an area of expertise related directly or indirectly to the topic is essential to producing effective marketing content. In addition to writing in certain niches, the ability to research the topic in-depth and the product(s) helps to create more robust and engaging content.

3. Know the user experience. 

A good marketing copywriter will use language specifically appealing to the user, implementing keywords that make sense to the user and the topic without coming across as formulaic and insincere.

4. Technical minded. 

This simply means that we have an understanding of the importance of and the utility of SEO and how to use it effectively to keep businesses relevant and searchable.

5. Headline generation. 

A meaningful, succinct and impactful headline can go miles in bringing in the right client and keeping readers and users engaged. Headlines determine whether or not a reader will continue to read the content. Did you know that 6 in 10 readers will actually share content after reading ONLY the headline? It’s true. The headline is the most important aspect of good content marketing.

6. Social Media minded. 

That brings us easily to social media. A good content marketing copywriter will always be mindful of the shareability of the writing. We simplify the content without losing meaning and stay cognizant of the user’s experience in how they might potentially share the information with their contacts and friends through social media.

7. Creative. 

Bringing in a fresh perspective to the experience and product can pave the way for natural creativity to produce engaging content that finds new audiences and still reaches the returning client.

8. Features v. benefits. 

Effective online content marketing should make clear the distinctions between the product (what the product actually is) and the benefits that the client will gain from the product or experience. Generating hundreds of words to describe how amazing the product is will not engage someone who is wondering why the heck they should purchase the product. Good content will always weigh in equally on what’s in it for the client.

Good copywriters are valuable team members


Marketing copywriters bring valuable skills to a variety of platforms and it is their responsibility to relay information in a persuasive manner that both explains and describes a product or service while also relaying how the experience or product will benefit the client. 


We bring laser precision to simplifying the content while maintaining focus on the audience and the ways in which clients engage with the content.


With a specific background in research a content copywriter can provide in depth descriptions and details without losing the attention of the client. 


We have the innate capability to deep dive into products and experiences like breathwork retreats and new real estate developments and translate all those little things that make each topic or product special into something cohesive and easy to understand as it relates specifically to the client.


Our online content marketing sells vacation homes in paradise, wellness retreats in the jungle, teaching tools for inclusive problem-based learning, international relocation packages, and a variety of other products and services. 


Our background in academia and our strong experience in sales provides the perfect blend of expertise to provide good online content.


We welcome the chance to share with you why we are the best way to reach your audience, convert them to sales, and keep them engaged moving forward. 

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