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We create SEO optimized content copywriting that is clear, concise and true to your values. Writing that is user-friendly, flows well, generates conversions and makes you happy is our grind.

12 Things You Didn’t Know About SEO and Good Website Content

Oh no SEO. 


What does it mean and how do I do it? Search engine optimization isn’t the sexiest topic on the planet, but it does bring the reader to the content. When you want your website to rank, and in most cases, rank well in google searches, you’ll need to produce good SEO content that includes keywords specific to your product, service or brand while remaining relevant to the audience. 


Today’s SEO optimized content is smart, lively, and engaging. Top inbound marketing priorities generally include improving SEO and building an organic presence, but this requires good content, not just a jumble of words dictated by Google. 


And, news flash, this process requires the competence of a skilled and precise copywriter who can provide a voice and tone to your product or service that not only matches the audience, but makes that audience want to stay engaged.


If you don’t have the budget to support a full time SEO content copywriter or you’re just starting out and hoping to grow your audience and client base, we have compiled some tips for producing the best SEO optimized content for your business.

SEO copywriting tips for success

1. Write for humans first. 

SO IMPORTANT. Gone are the days when plugging in a bunch of mismatched and oddly placed keywords into some paragraphs will bring in the traffic. Write for your audience. Give them what they are looking for. Make it readable and succinct. Use headings and subheadings. Stay neat and organized. Use good grammar, punctuation and word strategy. Good SEO content doesn’t have to sound jumbled and inarticulate.

2. Stay user focused. 

In the same vein as writing for humans, you need to think about how the client uses the space. Optimize for mobile, use short paragraphs, and please make sure your site loads quickly. Slow load time is death.


3. Use keywords in the right place, in just the right amount. 

We don’t have to squeeze them into nonsensical places anymore, and you shouldn’t. Google has gotten a lot smarter and can sniff out circular and jumbled writing.

4. Use internal links. 

Always add internal links to new pages when relevant. It builds your expertise. And, if you can have other websites and pages backlink to you, even better. This builds authority.

5. Use keywords in your images. 

You can place these in titles, descriptions and in alt attributes.

6. Improve existing content. 

Hubspot recommends recycling and updating your content. Create videos and social content from existing blog content. Update posts with subheadings, internal links. Ensuring good SEO content in your older posts will help with ranking.

7. Include keywords in your metadata. 

8. Pay attention to snippets. 

This is the front of your store and it needs to be succinct and relevant and focused. It can be the only reason a client visits your page.

9. Confirm and verify your google my business. 

Have existing clients leave google reviews if possible. This also builds relevance and authority and trust.

10. Name your location. 

Being localized can be valuable to clients in your area if this is the audience you want to capture.

11. Pay attention to site design. 

In the early stages, be sure to incorporate SEO best practices.

12. STOP changing your domain name. 

Your ranking depends somewhat on the age of the URL so pick something you love and stick with it. Clients trust what they see as consistent.


We know that even though it’s hugely important to building a successful business and online presence, SEO can seem like a foreign language or technical gobbledygook. One step further, good SEO content can be elusive and difficult to tackle. But it doesn’t have to be.


Stay focused on your audience and client base. Research your keywords by investigating what your audience is searching for and create your content around their needs. 


Use your keywords appropriately and in the right amount while crafting easy to read, engaging, informative and relevant content.


Schedule an annual audit of your website to see where you can make improvements for more optimized content. If you aren’t comfortable making the changes to your metadata, snippets and images, hire someone with expertise in SEO to help you.

What good SEO content writers do

Our talent is creating content that enthralls your audience, delivers maximum relevance and builds your brand expertise while using appropriate keywords and engaging the reader. We make SEO sexy. 


It’s not easy. We take a deep dive into the brand, product, service and philosophy so we can capture your tone and drive. We research keywords by discovering exactly what your prospective audience searches for and then we integrate that data into well written, thoughtful SEO optimized content that is wholeheartedly focused on the user experience.


Our job is to bring you more traffic, help you build your brand and audience and step up your authority in your specific area of expertise and product/service. 


You are the expert at what you do. We’re the experts in writing. 


We sincerely hope these tips have been helpful and that you will think about implementing them into your online content strategy, but if you’re looking for professionally written SEO content for your business, website, email marketing, etc., we welcome the opportunity to chat.

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