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Tropical Plant

Write the words, tell the story.

Healthy Lifestyle

Image by Jude Beck

March 20, 2020

Is your resting heart rate running insanely high right now?

Pandemic era article published to Medium.

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August 2021

Breathwork Website

JRG designed and wrote the copy for this professional breathwork facilitator's website, particularly the sales copy for various promotional courses and workshops.


February 17, 2020

Trail Running Into Your Tribe in a New Country

How a solitary sport helped me build my community after landing alone with two kids in Costa Rica.

Blog Writing

Open Book

The Plight of the Unpaid Intern

Article about 3 different levels of the unpaid intern and its effect on job seekers and full time employment at a living wage. (originally published on River Rock Mom)

Tropical Beach

Costa Rica Weather: Microclimates

JRG crafted multiple pieces for this International moving company based in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. Gho

Image by Erda Estremera

Relocating With Pets

(JRG manages this blog: Pura Vida With Kids) Making the decision to relocate internationally is full of logistical challenges, but bringing along the family pet can definitely be a part of the process. There are a variety of ways to include your furry family members. This article will focus mainly on domestic dogs and cats. Other animals are certainly possible, but will likely incur the use of a pet shipping expert. 

Real estate

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Costa Rica Relocation Guide - Guanacaste 

Online magazine designed for clients relocating to Costa Rica, specifically, to coastal Guanacaste.

Image by Jaye Haych

Opening a Bank Account in Costa Rica When Purchasing Property

(GHOSTWRITTEN) If you formed a legal corporation under which you have purchased or hope to purchase a business or property in Costa Rica, you may open an account for the corporation. It is likely you will have hired an attorney to assist with the creation of the corporation, and it is suggested to enlist their assistance in opening the bank account for you.

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