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The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Napoleon Hill

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Is Your Resting Heart Rate Running Insanely High Right Now?


Measures to take during the pandemic just in case you feel like you might faint at any given moment


Do you consider yourself a part-time athlete, a weekend competitor?


Is your resting heart rate usually below 75 and all of a sudden the fancy watch is telling you it’s more like 92? It’s not your imagination.


Oh hey, stress. There you are. I thought I left you at the office.


The question on everyone’s mind: How long will the suppression phase of the war against Covid-19 last?


Being told to remain in your home for a couple of weeks seems doable. Not fun necessarily, but doable. Looking at months, potentially more than a year in social distancing mode is terrifying and heavy.

The constant barrage of breaking news is particularly unhelpful.


What can we do to mitigate that feeling of hopelessness, that lack of control? How can you combat the effects of sustained stress on your body and mind?


Let’s talk about that. 

5 Ways to Wake Up Happy


Nighttime routine tips to encourage healthy sleep


Nature gives us a fresh restart every single day. How lucky are we that each morning lends a new beginning? Are you finding it difficult to get the rest your body needs at night in order to wake up ready to tackle your new lease on life? Creating a nightly routine can help you prepare your body for sleep.


Including things like mindful meditation and removing things like device use in bed can provide physiological benefits for a good night’s sleep. We include here 5 ways in which you can work toward establishing better night habits to lead to happier mornings.

Trail Running Into Your Tribe in a New Country


How a solitary sport helped me build my community after landing alone with two kids in Costa Rica.

...I had a harder time finding my groove. I was running the trails almost every morning, alone.

After a month of lonely runs, I happened upon two neighborhood women just starting out as I was returning.

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Book Review

At the center of Brain on Fire is Susannah Cahalan, a successful, but young reporter for the New York Post whose normal daily functioning is quickly overtaken by some unknown ailment which causes her to deteriorate into a state of psychosis. Next Stop is one mother’s story of her son David who is born with Autism, but of course, it takes years of doctors’ visits, special schools and repeated testing in order to arrive at this diagnosis. In both stories the parental support is vital to the eventual diagnoses and treatments.

Travels With the River Rock Crew: Eleuthera Edition (A Review)

My point is, we knew that Eleuthera was slower, less populated, and much more rustic than some of the other places in the Bahamas. Just our style. We enjoy places that are somewhat difficult to reach. It keeps the riff raff out. You must fly into Nassau and catch a Bahamas Air or Pineapple Air flight into GHB (Governor’s Harbour), ELH (Northern Eleuthera) or RSD (Rock Sound). Alternatively, you can fly from Fort Lauderdale into ELH, but that’s mainly for people headed to Harbour Island – it’s way north, and Eleuthera is a LONG island. You could also charter from Fort Lauderdale, West Palm or Nassau. During the Christmas holiday, that’s not a bad option, but $$$.


Paint-by-Number Teachers and Cookie-Cutter Students: The Unintended Effects of High-Stakes Testing on the Education of Gifted Students


During the year 2007, national education policy emphasizes the evaluation of students, teach- ers and schools based on students’ test scores. While education professionals at all levels are charged with raising test scores, they are also expected to keep pace with current educational practices. The research presented in this article examines the results of a professional devel- opment program aimed at providing teachers with the most current knowledge of gifted learn- ers and how to teach them. What is the influence of national accountability and high-stakes testing policies on professional development reform efforts? Can teachers enact best-practice teaching and learning strategies honoring the needs of gifted students within the reform movement directives?

Roeper Review, 31:40–52, 2009